How to watch IPTV on Android Phones and Tablets (2023)

Being on the Android ecosystem gives you many advantages when streaming IPTV, currently, most IPTV players available are android based allowing you to choose from a wide variety of apps which is a luxury that other operating systems can’t afford due to many restrictions.

Even when the apps are not available on the play store sideloading is a straightforward process with no need to rely on a third-party app and other complications.

simple features like support for the VPN that are missing from other operating systems like Apple TV, LG, and Samsung you will find already available on Android.

All of that without mentioning the convenience of streaming on the go no matter where you’re in the world makes Android the perfect platform for IPTV.

How to watch IPTV on Android Phones/Tablets.

Just like any other operating system streaming IPTV on android phones and tablets will require you to have 3 main components.

1 – An active IPTV subscription

2 – A VPN subscription

3 – An IPTV player

For the first one you need to do your own research to choose the best IPTV provider based on your needs, there are many providers out there but not all of them give you the same content or stability.

There are many things to look for when choosing a new IPTV provider because they all differ in their offers and what is good for another person is not particularly good for you as well.

I wrote a full guide of how you can choose the right IPTV provider and what things to consider before subscribing you can check it by clicking on the link below.

TOP 5 best IPTV service providers in 2022, How to choose the best IPTV provider

For the VPN you might ask at first if it’s even a requirement, and while it depends on whether your ISP is blocking your connection or not, streaming without a VPN comes with many risks and it’s always recommended to keep it active while streaming.

If you don’t already have a VPN service then I will highly recommend ExpressVPN because of its high encryption and speed.

The last part is the IPTV player which is an app that enables you to stream the channels from your IPTV provider on your Android Tablet or Phone.

The abundance of IPTV players on the Android ecosystem while it’s good it’s also confusing for new users who are not sure which app will work best for them.

in this blog, I try to cover the best and most popular apps. below you will find a list of setup guides for each Android IPTV player currently I consider IPTV Smarters to be the best option for new users but I will be covering other apps soon as well.

Setup Tutorials
Choose the IPTV player.

IPTV Smarters Logo

The perfect IPTV player for new users, IPTV Smarters offers access to all the content for free ( Live TV, Movies, and series ), it supports both the Xtream Codes and the M3U which makes it work with the vast majority of IPTV providers, there is a premium version as well that unlocks some advanced features.

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