How to setup IPTV on a Samsung Tizen OS TV, installation guide

Samsung manufactures some of the best quality TVs around the world, but unfortunately, their operating system Tizen OS has some limitations that can make having a good IPTV streaming experience a challenging task. 

In this article, we will explore some of these limitations, how to overcome them, and how to set up some of the most popular IPTV players for Samsung TVs.

How to stream IPTV on a Samsung TV?

There are two important requirements that you must have before being able to watch IPTV on a Samsung TV. 

The first one is the IPTV subscription, your IPTV provider will give you an M3U link and the Xtream Codes to connect to their server. 

if this is the first time you come across these terms don’t worry because there is nothing complicated about them and all you need to know is that you must save these details somewhere safe and don’t share them with anyone. “a password manager like Nordpass will be a good option”. 

if you don’t already have an IPTV subscription I will highly recommend reading my guide on how to find the best IPTV providers, you will also find recommendations for some of the best IPTV providers that I use/tested before. 

TOP 5 Best IPTV Service Providers In 2022

The second requirement is the IPTV player. An IPTV player is an app that you download on your TV and use to connect to your IPTV provider server through the M3U link or the Xtream Codes that I just mentioned. ( again the Xtream Codes and the m3U link have just a user and password that you will type on your IPTV player and there is nothing complicated about how to use them )

Each app ( IPTV player ) comes with its unique user experience, what you need to choose is the app that you find easy to use, provides the functionality that you’re looking for, and has the design that suits you best. 

in the last section of this article, you will find various tutorials on how to install and set up some of the most popular IPTV apps. 

What are the limitations of streaming IPTV on a Samsung TV?

When I said above that there are two important requirements to stream IPTV on your Samsung TV, it wasn’t the whole story because there are two other requirements that you must have. 

The most obvious one is having a very good internet connection, IPTV consumes a lot of bandwidth the faster your internet connection the better, I will recommend having at least 50Mbps on your internet plan and make sure to keep your internet router as close as possible to your TV otherwise you will experience a lot of buffering. 

Speaking about buffering, the last requirement is the VPN. a VPN is a must-have tool when streaming IPTV. 

on top of providing security and keeping your personal info hidden from your IPTV provider, it also prevents your ISP from throttling your connection because they can’t scan what you’re streaming.

There are many VPN services out there not all of them will work with IPTV, you need a VPN service that not only enables you to stream at high speeds but also comes with very high encryption to keep your ISP in the dark. 

unfortunately, Samsung TVs with Tizen OS doesn’t support the VPN which means if your ISP is blocking IPTV you will not be able to stream, or at least you will get an enormous amount of buffering. 

The best way to overcome this issue is to have an android streaming device there are many streaming sticks to choose from. Firestick and Google Chromecast with Google TV are some of the most affordable and widely available devices.

you only need to plug it into your TV HDMI port and your Samsung TV will immediately run on Android TV. this doesn’t only enable you to download VPN apps on your TV but also opens a wide range of IPTV players to choose from, Tivimate and Implayer TV are some of the best apps that are only available on Android TV.

keep in mind that choosing the right VPN service is a very important step to make sure you never encounter any blockage from your ISP, I recommend using ExpressVPN for the best speed and encryption, you can also check our guide on what are the best VPN services for IPTV if you like to do more research on this subject. 

Best VPN Services For IPTV In 2022

How to set up IPTV players on a Samsung TV?

Even though there are not as many IPTV players available on Samsung as there are on Android TV, but you still can enjoy streaming your favorite channels using the available options ( in case your ISP is not throttling/blocking the connection ). 

Below you find a list of articles on how to set up some popular IPTV players.

How to install IPTV Smarters Pro on Samsung Smart TV Tizen OS 2023

Samsung IPTV FAQ

What is the recommended internet connection to stream IPTV on a Samsung TV?

50Mbps and above the faster the better, also make your TV is receiving as much internet as possible by placing your internet router close to your TV 

What is the best free IPTV player to stream IPTV on a Samsung TV?

Most IPTV players are paid, IPTV Smarters Pro offers a free version that comes with all the basic features.

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